nSTRIDE® is the only single-session treatment where the benefits are sustained for up to 3 years. 1,2*

‘Autologous’ means ‘it comes from you’. By taking a sample of your own blood, your doctor can process the blood to extract and concentrate certain molecules.5 “Good” proteins have a therapeutic effect on the OA process happening in your knee.

Clinical studies have demonstrated that the effectiveness of one treatment can last up to 24-36 months, where benefits could significantly decrease pain, reduce stiffness and help restore mobility and flexibility1

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Your Knee Pain

Your guide to knee pain,
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Pain Relief

Learn about what you can do to ease your knee pain, from bracing to physical therapy.

Did you know?

An Estimated


Million Canadians
live with diagnosed osteoarthritis17

0 %
Of All People Aged 50 to 64 suffer from knee osteoarthritis18
Total Knee Replacement Procedures Were Carried Out In 2018-2019, 22.5% increase compared to 5 years earlier19

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